Day 11

Winding down now, only a days or two of filming left. We’re taking a break from production for a few weeks due to scheduling conflicts – will get back on the horse at the end of the month to finish out the remainder of Season One.

Next step – post!

Day 7 & 8

Stopped back down at USC to film a few quick pickups, then back up to the valley for some alleyway convos and nighttime car dialogue! Spirits are up now that we’ve passed the halfway mark on our shooting schedule – the finish line draws closer! We all can’t wait to see the finished product.

Day 4

Today was the first day we officially wrapped ahead of schedule. Such a great feeling. We were flying! Precise, collected, and pragmatic. It was 105 degrees in the valley while we were filming. Thank God the location had air conditioning. I’ll tell you, this has been one of the hottest shoots we’ve ever done. Summer in LA, I guess!


Day 3

One location days are the best days! No company moves, no worrying about traffic and travel time. Day 3 was solid, we shot right in Hollywood not far from the Chinese Theater. We also had our co-star baby Zhia on set which was a blast. She was incredibly cute, and a very happy baby. Pics below:


Day 2

The adrenaline is still pumping! Day 2 we stopped in bright and early (7am call time) at a few local universities for some quick “college campus” scenes, then pushed back to the valley for the afternoon.

One of the highlights of the day was working with co-star Blue the Pit Bull. He was the nicest, friendliest, most terrifying-while-chasing-you-at-full-speed Pit anyone on set had ever met. We nailed some awesome shots with him, he was a great sport. Another solid day for the ESCORTS books. Photos below!

Principal Photography, Day 1

Day 1 was a great success, albeit hot as hell. We filmed in Burbank, CA in the 100-degree desert heat, inside what could most accurately be described as a hot-box sauna for our primary location. We blacked out the windows (to film night scenes during the day), the sunroof windows, the stairwells, and the doors; these are the days you remember in the years to come! Sweating through your clothes, drinking gallons of water and gatorade, joking, laughing, messin’ around with an awesome cast and crew — and most importantly, getting it done.

Check out some of the behind the scenes pics below:


“Some People Wish for It…” Teaser


“Exchange” Teaser